Heat and Pollution, Department Stores and Supermarkets, International Schools. 

1 — Heat and Pollution

Average temperatures and rainfall over the year in Doi Saket: See Doi Saket Monthly Climate Average by

For more climate data of Chiang Mai region please see:

The hottest month are from March to May, the months with the heaviest rainfall are August and September.

Air pollution: Throughout the Chiang Mai intermountain plain, and possibly beyond, the air pollution is heavy for many weeks during hot season, mainly from April (March) to May. The pollution is chiefly caused by burning harvested rice fields, forests and cleared areas in the mountains, vegetation along roadsides, and garbage mainly in remote villages, and, in addition in the city, by the exhaust of motorized traffic. The main source of pollution might be Borneo and Sumatra where large areas are burnt down, and the regional sources add to this.

The Thai Pollution Control …